Chrissy is a clinical pharmacist and functional movement trainer. Chrissy has over 4 years experience in health & fitness field. She has competed in two fitness competitions for Nspire League,and received 1st and 2nd places.  Her training usually involves circuits with bodyweight, weights and bands to constantly challenge your body. She incorporates a variety of techniques/moves including pilates to her classes/training. She often comes up with creative moves to challenge your coordination, balance and core to engage more muscle groups.

Maggie CFSC (Certified Functional Strength Coach)

Maggie is passionate about metabolic conditioning with the fusion of weights and boxing calisthenics. She knows what it is to struggle to achieve your potential in obtaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Through her own weight loss journey she aims to inspire you. Maggie is a single mother of two boys and knows what is like to organize your goals in order to obtain the best version of you! If you are like Maggie and looking to model good behavior for your kids and finally put yourself first she is your gal. 

Coach George

Coach Itxel:  Fitness coach,Model, Model instructor,  fashion adviser, makeup artist, artist.


Itxel is passionate about, LIFE and everything that prolongs it. She loves consistency, balance, helping people, human mind and behavior.   


She knows fitness it’s not just about looking good but feeling  good as well, is a balance, reason she puts equal focus on MINDSET and BODY  to create Long lasting results and happiness. If you are looking for waking up the giant within  you, master your confidence, use your true potential, and work on your dream body,  Itxel is what you have been looking for.  She  will absolutely love to help you and be part of your journey. Don’t be shy to FEEL GREAT and LOOK  GREAT!


Believe it and you will  achieve it, and you will discover YOUR SUPER POWER.

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