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F-IT Camps

  • Looking for a different kind of group training? Don’t have time for a workout? This is the class for you. These high intensity classes, lasting just 30 minutes, are never the same. Incorporating weight training, cardio, flexibility, this class is sure to push you differently than any other group class out there. Whether you’re looking to box, stretch, run, or lift weights, we do it all. This is a class for all levels, no matter where you’re at, we can adjust.

Booty Camp

  • No matter who we ask 9/10 of ten people will have the same answer to this question…”What do you want to work on?” Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin’ everywhere. Men and women alike want to get that booty together. Since it is such a desire we figure, why not have a class dedicated to it? This is not a dance class, though you are welcome to get jiggy with it in between sets. These strategic workouts are sure to get that booty into the shape you’re looking for.

Tension Bands

  • Are you looking to stretch and tone? Maybe weights aren’t you’re thing, or maybe you just want something different, this class is for you. This brand new class is designed using constant tension and resistance bands. You are sure to get a good workout in with this fast paced and intense workout.

Step it up!

  • This is NOT your mommas step class! You know the ones were talking about, with the leotards and sweatbands! This is a new way to step. This step class is high energy, fast paced and a great cardiovascular workout! Leave the leotard at home, unless of course you want to show off, and come step it up!

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